The Women's F.I.T. Show Passes

The Wellness Experience Retreat offers you three options to enjoy the annual Women's F.I.T. Show! Be apart of a full day of wellness leading to the show or simply enjoy the show itself!


The Premium F.I.T. Show Pass is an ALL DAY pass that gives you all the benefits of the Women's F.I.T. Show Pass, and much more. Not only will you have access to the entire show, but premium offers two delicious meals and a full day of the Wellness Experience Retreat!  

AED 850

The Women's F.I.T. Show Pass gives you access to the entire show. Cheer on your friends as they share their fitness habits and transformations. Be entertained, laugh, and bond!

*Upgrade to an all day Premium Pass to be apart of life changing workshops, seminars, yoga, and much more!

AED 300


The F.I.T. Show All Day Inclusive  Pass is an ALL DAY pass that gives you every benefit of the Premium Women's F.I.T. Show Pass, plus a yacht party pass. You will have access to the entire show, two delicious meals, a full day of the Wellness Experience Retreat, and a fabulous yacht party!    

AED 1000


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